Best Summer Waves Pool Reviews in 2021

Summers are the perfect time to strengthen your bond with your family and loved ones. If you are dealing with a portable swimming pool, summer waves can be an excellent choice of yours. We are here to provide you with the summer waves pool review so that you can make a considerable choice for your swimming pool.

This brand is providing a range of products. It will be easy for you to choose summer waves to pool cleaner for the above-ground swimming pool through our research and knowledge. All the collections offered by the summer waves include filter pumps as well as triple-layer PolyLaminate.

The PVC with polyester inner mesh sidewalls, with an option of wall printed graphics, also has in it. The Elite Frame Pools come with a ladder. There is a maintenance kit, pool, solar cover, and ground cloth comes with this pool.

The collections made by summer waves are specially designed and made from sturdy, rust-resistant, and metal frame construction. Summer waves above ground pools are famous for their durability and ease of setup and storage, and it is easy to fill the pool with water in minutes.

Unique colors and designs make summer waves elite pools worth buying. Customers all around the world adore the exceptionally unique colors, durability, and high-quality. Here we are providing you the most popular summer waves pool reviews to choose the best model for you.

In this article we are going to cover five most desirable Summer Waves pools, so that you can pick the best model. The Summer Waves pools are facilitating users with numerous sizes, user can select them according to their desire and requirment.

Through our reserch and information it will be easy for you to learn the keen feature of this product, kindly continue reading content written below.

8 Top Summer Waves Pool Reviews

1. Summer Waves (16′ x 48″) Elite Wicker Above Ground Pool

People around the world enjoy swimming during Summer. Uttermost fun and exciting family time in Summer with an inflatable pool by Summer Waves can be an excellent choice. 15,00 gallon water can be store in this inflatable pool. The exterior of this pool cleaner is stylish. The wicker pattern makes it beautiful that blends seamlessly with any outdoor decor. It is easy to assemble this pool. It has a snap-in design and robust steel frame that last for many years.

This product comes with a ladder and chlorinator attached to the sidewall and a type-D filter cartridge. The durability of this pool is excellent. It comes with the triple-layer liner material, which prevents the puncturing and withstands the sun’s heat. This pool’s diameter is 16 feet with the round frame, and it is an above ground pool with 48-inch pool walls. Most of the people prefer this pool because of the rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame stands up for heavy use. It is specially designed for a triple layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material.

  • 15,00 gallon water capacity
  • Stylish exterior
  • Rust resistant

    2. Summer Waves (12′ x 33″) Above Ground Pool Set

    If you are looking for a backyard frame pool, the Summer Waves can be an excellent choice. It is always good to spend time outside in nature, but spend time outdoors in a portable swimming pool can be so soothing. The summer waves provide a wide range of pools.

    Those who are looking for 12 feet and 33 inches Above Ground Pool, along with the water 1,600 gallon water capacity, the review written below will help you.

    Summer Waves 12′ x 33 is an above ground pool which is equipped with a sound filtration system. This Above Ground Pool Set offered by the Summer Waves is made up of the strength galvanized. It comes with the steel metal frame with triple-layer EBC and sturdy oval frame tubes, so it’s made to last. It is quite easy to set up this pool. Just to fill the pool with water and enjoy long hours of splashing fun. Users may need to buy a ladder and ground cloth because this pool doesn’t come with these items.

    A SFX1000 pump comes with this pool at an unbeatable value. When it comes to the quality of the pool, it is up to the mark. It is 12 feet and 33 inches Above the Ground Pool Set, which combines a filter pump and a skimmer’s best functions. It is easy to maintain this swimming pool. The exterior of this pool is excellent, the wicker print is stylish, blending seamlessly with any outdoor décor and furniture. It is a round pool with a 1,900-gallon water capacity and measures 12 X 2.75 feet.

    • Nice design and color
    • Easy to set up
    • Big pool for kids
    • Perfect for pool parties
    • Considerably mounted on the side
    • No ladder included
    • Too small filter

    3. Summer Waves (8’ x 30“) Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Set

    It is difficult for every person to go on the beach, especially during vacations. Thanks to the Summer Waves now there is no need to worry about it, the summer waves pools are a sigh of relief for swimming pool lovers. These pools are easy to set up. If you are looking for 8 Feet x 30 Inches pool, you should choose the Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Set. It is 35.6 x 14.1 x 10.4 inche, and weighs 41.8 pounds with a water capacity of 801 gallons. It is effortless to assemble this pool.

    The durability of this pool is excellent. It is made of a galvanized steel frame, it’s rust-resistant, so it’s made to last for many years. It is a three-layered liner swimming pool to prevent puncturing and resist the possible damage caused by too much sun exposure. This pool doesn’t need high maintenance. When the user is not using the pool, they can place an umbrella over it to keep leaves and debris free. The pump that comes with this pool is relatively small, but another pump can be used. The skimmer is an excellent bonus because it keeps the tree flowers and leaves from collecting in your Summer Waves pool.

    The diameter of this pool is 8-foot. It is made with a durable metal frame pool with a sound filter system included. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up this pool.

    • Kids love it
    • Good quality
    • Sturdy metal legs
    • Easy to set up
    • Useful skimmer
    • Pump not powerful enough

    4. Summer Waves (18′ x 48″) Above Ground Frame Pool Set

    The Summer Waves 18 Feet x 48 Inches Above Ground Frame Pool Set is a reliable pool, and most of the people worldwide prefer this pool. This pool’s measurements are 45.5 x 33 x 17.7 inches, and the weighs of this pool is 249 pounds. It is easy to step up this pool on your backyard summer adventure by investing in a super cool pool set.

    The water capacity of this pool is 6,660 gallons. The quick-connect system makes this pool easy to assemble and worth buying. This pool is made of a sturdy metal frame with strong sidewalls to hold the user and the water well. This Summer Waves pool comes with a cover, a deluxe maintenance kit, ground cloth, and a SureStep ladder.

    All the accessories come with this pool, makes it safe and comfortable. The comes with this swimming pool is made of lightweight and sturdy steel. It is easy-to-assemble, and doesn’t float in the water. This swimming pool comes with a vacuum brush, a telescoping pole, a vacuum adapter, and a skimmer net.

    Overall the quality of the Summer Waves pool is excellent. Although the skimmer basket may look cheap at first, the user will be satisfied with it. The frame of this pool is strong, and the liner feels quite heavy.

    • Easy to set up
    • Heavy and thick liner
    • Excellent light wicker design
    • Pump works great
    • Cover fit issue

    5. Summer Waves (14′ x 48″) Above Ground Pool

    The Summer Waves Elite 14 into 48 can be an excellent choice if you are looking for an Above Ground Frame Pool. The complete kit offered by summer waves has everything users may need to maintain their pool. In this regard, the user can spend more time enjoying with family and friends.

    This summer wave pool comes with an SFX1000 filter pump. The best part of this poll is that it can set up in minutes, and with its durable steel and PVC design If you are considering this above ground pool, it will be easy for you to handle gallons of water. It includes the SFX1000 filter pump and Sure Step Ladder as well.

    • Durable metal frame
    • Water needs only 60 minutes to ready
    • Triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material
    • Pattern: Dark gray wicker
    • Dimensions: 14 feet x 48 inches
    • Round Above Ground Outdoor Frame
    • Filter Pump is available

    6. Summer Waves 12 x 33 Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

    User can get a complete pool kit and has everything user need to set up to maintain the swimming pool. This swimming pool comes with an SFX600 filter pump.

    It takes a few minutes to set up this above ground pool. The durability of this swimming pool is excellent steel and PVC design. People can live poolside all Summer long when choosing the Summer Waves Elite 12 Foot Above Ground Frame Pool Set. The diameter of this pool is 12 feet and it is 2.75 feet deep.

    It has the capecity to store 1,600-gallon water. It comes with a combination of the skimmer and filter pump. It can attach to the sidewall of the pool; the maintenance of this swimming pool is easy. There is no cover and ladder included with this swimming pool.

    • Rapid installation in a few minutes
    • Made of a durable triple-layer polyester mesh
    • Triple-layer polyester mesh and PVC
    • Filter pump included
    • Cover included
    • Ladder included

    7. Summer Waves Elite 14 x 42 Above Ground Swimming Pool

    When summers are here, nothing can beat the heat, but the Summer Waves Elite Pool 14×42 and Deluxe Accessory Set is here to help you out. This product includes a powerful filter system. A built-in skimmer, cover, ground cloth, and maintenance kit come with this swimming pool.

    This summer waves above-ground swimming pool has everything use may need for endless fun, including a filter pump. The Summer Waves Elite Pool 14×42 comes with a step ladder, making it easy to get in and out of it. The best part of this pool is that it comes with an A/C filter cartridge for user’s convenience.

    • A/C filter cartridge included with the pump
    • Cove, Step Ladder
    • built-in skimmer, ground cloth, and maintenance kit
    • Oval-shaped frame tube for durability
    • Easy to assemble
    • Costly

    8. Summer Waves Active 8 x 30 Above Ground Swimming Pool

    Summer Waves Active 8ft x 30in Round Frame Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool with Filter Pump is an outstanding pool. It is facilitating users with vast space; it is big enough for some significant summer fun. However, it is small enough to sit upright in your backyard efficiently. This pool is made of a metal frame set up; it takes only 30minutes in set up. It can store approximately 801 gallons of water. The diameter is 8 feet and comes with the RX330 filter pump with GFCI and D type filter cartridge.

    • A durable metal frame stands up to heavy use and the elements.
    • Ready for water in as little as 30 minutes
    • Includes RX330 Pump with GFCI and D type filter cartridge

      What Is the Best Summer Waves Pool?

      When it comes to choosing a swimming pool, it can be a difficult choice for a few buyers to select the right one for them. The Summer Waves is providing a range of pools, but according to our research and knowledge, the 18 Feet x 48 Inches Above Ground Frame Pool Set is the best.

      This Summer Waves pool is more spacious, durable, and feature-rich. It is easy to set up this pool and attract users with a unique quick-connect system. The metal frame of this pool is providing generous support with strong sidewalls. This product comes with a deluxe maintenance kit, cover, ladder, and the weight of this pool is very light.

      Users feel amazed by the usefulness of the deluxe maintenance kit, which comes with this pool. The summer waves facilitate users with the vacuum brush, a telescoping pole, a vacuum adapter, and a skimmer net. It is equipped with the CP2000 pump. There is a complete filtration system, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

      Why should you consider Summer Waves Pool?

      Summer Waves pools are top-notched pools available in the market. They are because unique and aesthetically pleasing color and design make it worth buying. People worldwide love the colors and the patterns of this portable inflatable pool, which are rarely found in other brands.

      The portable pools offered by the Summer Waves are great for private parties as well. Kids’ birthday parties, family get together, and other backyard events or celebrations can be significant.


      The review was written above about the Summer Waves pool help you choose the right portable swimming pool for you. Summer Waves is a well-known brand. It is facilitating people worldwide with the range of the distinct product design, far different from other brands. The colors are unique, elegant, and classy.

      The best part of the Summer Waves Pool is that they provide various pools, and you can select different sizes of pools according to your family needs and demand. Hopefully, the above-written information will help you choose your backyard’s right size and enjoy the fun and excitement that Summer Waves pools bring for you and your friends.

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