How to maintain the PH level of swimming pool water?

What is PH?

The power of Hydrogen, which is known as PH, is used to measure the acid present in water. The range of PH level in water may go from 0 to 14. 7 is considered a neutral state of water. If the PH level is less than 7, it shows the acidity, but if the pH level of water is greater than 7 shows its natural form. PH is used to calculate the relative amount of free Hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in the water.

When the PH level of water is not equal, the problem may occur. On the scale, the PH level is from 1.0 to 14.0. If the PH level of water is lower, it considers acidic. The higher pH may affect the biological and chemical effects of the water.

Why is balanced PH essential?

Numerous people complain that the chlorine level available in their swimming pool is affecting their eyes. That is why balanced PH is highly essential for humans. It is good to have a swimming pool with a PH level of 7.5, and it makes it easy for a swimmer to enjoy swimming. If your swimming pool is containing a high PH level, it may cause you numerous problems. It may reduce the circulation of water and cloudy water as well. Along with your eyes, high PH may irritate your skin.

How to decrease the pH level?

If the PH level in your swimming pool is high, you can decrease it by adding acid in water. As the high pH means the water in your swimming pool is extremely saltish, in this regard, the user may need to add some acid to the water to balance the level of water. The acidic chemical use to level the water PH is usually known as PH decreaser, PH minus, and PH reducer. Apart from that, these chemicals are known as Muriatic acid, Sodium Bisulfate, and Liquid Hydrochloric.
Chemicals and acids can be a hazard for a swimmer that may cause burning their skin and flesh and harm the clothes, pool liners, and other types of equipment. That is why it is extreme caution may be required while dealing with acids.

What is Sodium Bisulfate?

The percentage of sodium bisulfate may differ, but the most common amount of this chemical is 93%. Adding a chemical to the swimming pool may depend on the PH level of the user that may measure through the testing kit. It is recommended to read the instruction written on the testing kit. The amount or the percentage may not be the same for all brands. That is why it is essential to read the product detail carefully. Sodium Bisulfate usually available in powder form so, avoid opening it where the flow of wind as high as it may blow back all over you.

It is recommended that the user should pour three-quarters of sodium bisulfate. No wind user can spread it over the swimming pool. If you feel like this sodium bisulfate is not enough, you can add more of it later.

To maintain the PH level of water, it is good to allow the sodium bisulfate to mix it well. It may require two to four hours. If the PH level is still high, you can add a little more.

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