Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Review

Dolphin Triton Plus is an in-ground robotic pool cleaner. It is facilitating pool owners all around the world. Medtronic’s high-powered pool pump present in it makes it capable of going through 4,322 gallons of water an hour. It comes with a 60 tangle-resistant swivel cable.

The standard cycle time of Dolphin triton plus is 2 hours. The quick clean mode available in this pool cleaner helps the user to get rid of dirt and grime present in the pool within 1 hour so that they can enjoy an excellent ambiance in their swimming pool.

The Dolphin Triton PS Plus pool cleaner comes with a PowerStream look. Its unique design features a robust tank-like build, along with a cool blue and black color scheme. This pool cleaner can turn in a 90-degree pinpoint, which ensures that every inch of the surface is covered and clean. There is a standard cartridge system available in this pool cleaner that is top-mounted, which makes it valuable for most of the customers.


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  • Pop-up pool party? No worries, the Dolphin Triton PS Plus robotic pool vacuum has you covered. Equipped with the option of a “quick” cleaning...
  • Effortlessly delivers a deep clean. The Triton PS Plus has superior filtering capabilities and is powerfully nimble on vertical surfaces for intense...
  • No extra stuff needed. Unlike the energy hogs that are pressure and suction cleaners, Dolphins are extremely efficient and do not require any...

Most of the swimming pool owners consider Dolphin Triton Ps Plus with PowerStream as a beast, and worth buying. It is a bit pricey, but it has the features to justify the price. Every attribute present in this pool cleaner is up to the mark. The filter system to the smart navigational software has been designed for maximum performance. The Dolphin Triton Ps Plus can thoroughly clean a swimming pool while consuming as less energy as possible.

Those who are looking for a powerful and intelligent in-ground pool cleaner, this can be an excellent choice. We highly recommend Dolphin Triton Plus due to its superb features, such as Bluetooth remote control, a smartphone app, and a unique feature individually available for vertical cleaning.

  • It is incorporated with dual drive motors with split brushes.
  • Two sets of cartridges are available.
  • Two cleaning cycles.
  • Full cartridge indicator.
  • Weekly Self-timer.
  • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Excellent robotic cleaner for wall cleaning.
  • A smart navigational system is available to improve cleaning efficiency.
  • Large capacity basket with top access.
  • Remote control capability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • A bit expensive
  • The controller app needs more work.
  • Some users say the Bluetooth connection is weak
  • Specifications
  • 2-hour cleaning cycle with 1-hour rapid clean cycle.
  • Weighs 17 pounds.
  • Dimensions are 16.77 x 16.38 x 8.97 inches.
  • It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Weekly timer.
  • 60-foot cable.


Excellent Cleaning Ability

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus, with Powerstream, is famous because of its excellent cleaning ability. There is one feature available in this cleaner that sets this robotic vacuum apart from all others. This pool cleaner is specifically designed to improve the robot’s vertical climbing ability. It is easy for this pool cleaner to reach and clean the wall and waterline.

The PowerStream can be activated when the filter begins its vertical climb. There are multiple powerful water jets available in this pool cleaner that is emitted in different directions, pressing the robot firmly against the wall. The Dolphin Triton Plus has an extra-strong grip that allows this pool cleaner to navigate vertically and reach every spot on the wall. This pool cleaner can clean the surface without falling or getting confused, as so many other cleaners do.

Due to the PowerStream, this pool cleaner makes a massive difference in vertical cleaning. Most of the other robotic pool cleaners tend to struggle with the walls and steps, and force swimming pool owners to finish the cleaning themselves. The Dolphin Triton Plus does a perfect job in one pass. This excellent pool cleaner does not rely on PowerStream for cleaning. There is an important feature present in this cleaner, which is the active brushing system.

Broad brush available in Dolphin Triton Ps Plus spins at twice the speed of the robot. This pool cleaner is ensuring that even the most stubborn dirt is removed. Those who are already owning the Dolphin Triton Plus with PowerStream give an A+ to the cleaning ability of this cleaner.

Outstanding Filters

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool Cleaners are renowned for their oversized filter cartridges. This pool cleaner comes with an over-sized top access basket. The best of this pool cleaner is that it allows us to collect all kinds of debris in one go. New Triton Plus comes with four fine and four ultra-fine filters. The user can select the best filters depending on what type of trash you need to clean.

The filter basket present in this pool cleaner is enormous. It is much bigger than users typically find on a compact robot cleaner. To access it, simply lift the top cover, and the basket handles spring upwards after that user needs to lift this bag out and clean it. A bottom panel opens downwards to allow collected leaves and debris to fall out. Most of the people use a hose to clean the filters. Popping it back in is as easy as removing it.

Bluetooth Remote Control

The unique feature includes in the Dolphin Triton Ps Plus pool cleaner is Bluetooth remote control. Numerous robotic pool cleaners with remote control use a dedicated special-purpose hand-held remote. But the new Dolphin Triton Plus can be replaced by user’s smartphone. If you are using this feature, all you need to do is to install the MyDolphin app, and this app is available for both iOS and Android.

By using this app, the user can steer their Triton Plus through a virtual joystick. Tilting your phone in the direction you want the robot to go can be fun. There is an LED indicator available in this pool cleaner so that the user can get an idea about what mode it is in. Blue means normal mode, and green indicates that a smartphone is controlling it. This unique feature makes Dolphin Triton PS Plus with PowerStream worth buying.

Clever Clean Scanning

The Clever Clean Scanning facility available in Dolphin Ps Triton Plus can develop a strategy for the swimming pool. The first time when you put this pool cleaner in your pool, it seems to be wandering around with no rhyme or reason, but during the second session, it can evolve its master plan.
The Clever Clean navigation system works amazingly.

There is a variety of sensors plus AI software present in this pool cleaner to map the lay of the land in the swimming pool. The Clever Clean technology maps out the shape and size, understanding how the floor is shaped and where the curves and corners are. After successfully maps the pool, it uses the scanners to ensure that every inch of the story and wall is covered in a quick, efficient, and thorough manner.

PowerStream technology

PowerStream technology present in Dolphin Triton Plus sets this cleaner apart from the others. This pool cleaner is specifically designed to improve the robot’s ability to do a vertical climb. Through this technology, it is convenient for this pool cleaner to clean the pool wall and waterline quickly. The firm grip allows this pool cleaner to navigate vertically, reaching virtually every part of the wall without getting confused or falling. This technology activates once the filter starts doing a vertical climb.

However, the Dolphin Triton Plus does not rely on PowerStream for cleaning. Another notable feature is the active brushing system. The brush system presents this pool cleaner is critical for cleaning pools that have not been cleaned in a while and have grime stuck on the walls and floor.

Unique Features

The Dolphin Triton Plus deals with some unique features. For the convenience of our clients here are a few up to the mark attributes of this pool cleaner are mentioned below. Please have a look.

Anti-tangling algorithms

In this pool cleaner company specially created an algorithm that can keep the cable from tangling as the Dolphin does its work. Due to its smart anti-tangle algorithms, this pool cleaner can work effectively.

Weekly timer

The most convenient feature available in this pool cleaner is an automatic weekly timer. If you are going away from your home for a few hours or a few days, this weekly time will help you to witness clean and ready to use the swimming pool after your return. There are two ways you can set the weekly timer, using the app in your smartphone or on the control unit connected to the cleaner via a cable.

Three handy buttons are present on the control unit that simplify the scheduling. The first button sets the cleaner to automatically clean every day for a week, the second button there for every other day, and the third button can be used for scheduling cleaning every three days.

Two Sets of filters included

This magnificent pool cleaner comes with two sets of filters. They include four fine filters and four ultra-fine filters. The user can choose any combination of four. It depends on what sort of cleaning they are looking for. Those who want regular cleaning prefer two fine filters and two ultra-fine filters. This allows the cleaner to capture all sizes of debris from small algae to large leaves. It is straightforward to replace the screen with another; it takes about a minute or so.

Two cleaning modes

There are two cleaning modes available in this pool cleaner. Typically, it operates under a 2-hour cycle. Along with the two cleaning modes, it cleans every nook and cranny, including the walls, stairs, and floor. Users can switch it to a Quick Clean mode for an immediate result. The quick clean method keeps the more decent running for just 1 hour.

It only does the floor, leaving the walls and steps for the full 2-hour cycle. Any residential pool owner looking for a fast and easy to use pool-cleaning robot packed with exceptional features, this can be an excellent choice. Those who are already using this pool cleaner recommend it for in-ground swimming pools of up to 60 feet in length.


The weight of the Dolphin Triton PS Plus is 50-percent less than its predecessor. This model of Dolphin Triton PowerStream weight is only 16 pounds and looks like a small rectangular box with dimensions of 9 x 17 x 16 inches. Due to the lightweight, his pool cleaner is perfect for anyone, especially for those who want a chemical-free swimming pool.

Missing Caddy

Only one issue user may face with this pool cleaner, which is that the caddy is missing. Most of the people consider caddy more of a convenience feature than anything else. But that is not a big deal as the user can buy a sperate caddy later on.

Manual Control is not Impressive

By downloading the MyDolphin App, users can manually control the Triton pool cleaner with their smartphones. The app itself is adorable, and it connects your phone and Triton via Bluetooth. There is no need for a Wi-Fi repeater for your pool area, but controlling the robot feels super-awkward.
Here are the Pros and Cons of this pool cleaner are mentioned below please have a look.


The Dolphin Triton Ps Plus with PowerStream is a quite expensive pool cleaner, but after research, we come to the conclusion that it is worth buying, and we highly recommend it. This pool cleaner can be an excellent investment for those who are concerned about their money and spent a lot of money on the swimming pool.

The best part of this pool cleaner is that it can save time and energy while keeping the pool in top shape. Most of the users say that it keeps performing highly many months after buying it. If you are looking for the best pool-cleaning robot in the market, then the Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is what you need.

The Dolphin Triton Ps Plus is packed with impressive features that make cleaning a pool a joyful rather than a chore. This pool cleaner has some excellent attributes that only the best filter can offer you. We highly recommend this pool cleaner if you are looking for something convenient and easy to use. Most of the users find this pool cleaner closer-to-perfection, as it has all the useful features that a robotic cleaner is required to have.

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