Dolphin Proteus DX4 Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

The Dolphin Proteus Dx4 Robotic Pool Cleaner can be an ideal choice for those who are owing a swimming pool up to 50 feet. This magnificent pool cleaner can climb on vertical surfaces with convenience.

This pool cleaner is facilitating pool owners with an intense scrubbing, and it is eight times more energy-efficient than average pressure and suction side pool cleaners.


DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with
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DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with......
  • Hand off your pool cleaning duties for good! With the Proteus DX4, your pool will be left clean in just 2 hours. Ideal for pools up to 50 feet, sit...
  • Built to deliver a deep clean. The Proteus DX4 is powerfully nimble on vertical surfaces for intense wall and waterline scrubbing. With s uperior...
  • Efficiency is key when it comes to pool cleaning. Dolphins are 8 times more energy efficient than pressure and suction cleaners and do not rely on any...

This pool cleaner helps the swimming pool owner to enjoy a debris-free and fresh pool. Fast water release makes it easy to bring out the filter from the swimming pool.

This pool cleaner comes with a large net basket; through this, it is accessible to captures and removes rough, subtle, and even ultra-fine dirt. Once it is full, snap apart the top access compartment for a no-mess cleaning.

This pool cleaner is specially designed to work with the safest electrical components. It offers a convenient and easy repair that most of the users can perform in their own homes. This pool cleaner is worth buying and considered to be the most reliable robotic pool cleaner.

  • Excellent navigation system
  • Cleans floors and walls
  • Large top-access filter baskets
  • User-friendly
  • Programmable weekly scheduler
  • Great value
  • A 2-year warranty
  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No app or remote control

Prominent Features of DOLPHIN Proteus DX4

All the pool cleaners available in the market have some prominent features; it is quite difficult for a user to choose one for their swimming pool. If you are the one, thinking why people all around the world prefer the DX4 swimming pool cleaner? Here are key features of this excellent pool cleaner are mentioned below please have a look.

Easy to Operate

It is effortless to operate this pool cleaner, plug, and press play. It is not difficult to set and connect this pool cleaner. There is a weekly timer available in this pool cleaner that enables the user to select how often they want to clean the pool. There are three options for settings present in this pool cleaner. Users can choose from daily, alternate day, and every third day. It is easy to set and forget after scheduling everything.


The weight of this pool cleaner is very light, and it is easy to lift this vacuum cleaner with one hand only. There is an ergonomic carry handle present on the top of this cleaner. The design of the Dolphin Proteus DX4 is unique and smart, and it looks like a little tank. It is easy to be cleaning the walls and waterline areas with this pool cleaner. The basket loads from the top, which makes it easy to access and clean.

Extremely Efficient

The DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 Robotic Pool Cleaner may seem quite expensive in the beginning, but it’s indeed worth buying. This pool cleaner costs only 5 cents per hour to run. The standard cycle of this pool cleaner is 2 hours. The users who chose to clean their swimming pool every day, they can do it for less than a dollar per week. The energy of this phenomenal pool cleaner is highly efficient.

Excellent Technology

This pool cleaner has consisted of a four-wheel-drive system. Through this technology, the engine of this pool cleaner delivers power to all the four wheels. Along with the unique technology, this pool cleaner can detects which bike has the most traction and sends more power to it. Most of the swimming pool cleaners have a single directional water flow, but the DX4 is facilitating its user with the multi-directional flow. It is considered that this pool cleaner is sufficient and has a constant grip on all surfaces, even walls. No matter the angle at which the filter is situated at, it doesn’t run out of power.

Fine and Ultra Fine Filtration

The pool cleaner is equipped with two filters, and this enables it to tackle everything from leaves and twigs to dirt, algae, and other debris. The filters snap apart, and this makes it convenient to clean them.

Accurate Navigation System

The smart scanning system available in this pool cleaner can map out the most efficient areas of the swimming pool. During the first 20 minutes of a cycle, the navigation system can complete the mapping and cleaning as well. DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 pool cleaner can clean the floor, walls, and waterline with zeal and enthusiasm.

Anti-tangle Swivel Cords

This pool cleaner comes with the 60-foot swivel cords, these anti-tangle technologies, and it ensures a smooth and uninterrupted cleaning. There are numerous cleaners available in the market that tend to get stuck, especially when the cable gets all tangled up. Due to this reason, the pool cleaner roams around in circles or to hover around a small area.

Active Brushing

An active brushing system available in this pool cleaner allows the user to get rid of the most stubborn debris. This pool cleaner can deal with dirt and debris. It has ample power and ability to clean all the major and minor areas of the swimming pool. The superb navigation system and the vigorous Active Brushing mechanism ensure a sparkling clean pool, every time.

Is it fine to leave it in the pool until it cleans?

Yes, it is outstanding to leave this pool cleaner into the pool during cleaning cycles. You only need to take it out for cleaning, wash the filter baskets as well. It is essential to ensure the temperature of your pool water is right so that it won’t harm the robot.

Does it capture Sand and Pollen?

This pool cleaner does wonder when it comes to picking up the dirt, sand, pollen, and other small particles settle on the pool floor. It required a few cleaning cycles to get rid of all the dark pool dirt.

No cart caddies

The Proteus DX4 comes without cart caddy. The weighs of this pool cleaner is only 16 pounds, which makes it the lightest pool robot you may find.

Does it clean the pool steps?

Unfortunately, no, this pool cleaner is unable to filter the pool steps efficiently, But it can climb the walls and cleans other parts of your swimming pool excellently.

Useful for fiberglass and vinyl in-ground pools?

This pool cleaner works great with the fiberglass walls and vinyl liner.

Suitable for above ground pools?

No, this pool cleaner is not suitable for above ground swimming pools. It is recommended by the manufacturer to use this model for in-ground pools only.


The Dolphin Proteus DX4 is a top-notched product, people all around the globe this pool cleaner because of it’s smartness and efficiency. This pool cleaner is mostly preferred by the owners who are owning a private pool up to 50 feet. This pool cleaner can climb walls with ease. It is one of the most reliable products, and it provides comprehensive and hassles free cleaning.

Dolphin Proteus DX4 is an excellent option for those who are looking for a reliable and straightforward pool cleaner for their in-ground swimming pool. This pool cleaner does a superb pool cleaning job. Each cleaning cycle of this pool cleaner will leave your pool dirt-free. According to our research and knowledge, the time and cost you may spend on this pool cleaner are worth paying.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will help you in choosing the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool. We recommend DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 is more reliable than other pool cleaners available in the market. Our readers are precious for us, that is why we suggest you spend your hard-earned money carefully. It is beneficial for you to read the other product reviews available on our website so that you may get a clear idea about your desired product.

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