Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

During summers having a swimming pool in the house can be so much fun and exciting. Splashing in the water, along with friends and family, can be a real treat. In between all this enjoyment and pleasure, the one thing that could screw up the feeling of the owner of a swimming pool which is its need to keep it clean.

There are numerous automatic pool cleaners available in the market, which makes the pool cleaner works easy. The Dolphin Oasis Z5 is one of the best Dolphin pool cleaners. It is a bit expensive robotic pool cleaner, which is facilitating users with a caddy and remote control. A 60-foot swivel cable comes with this pool cleaner.

Rubber tracks, split brushes are also the part of Dolphin Oasis Z5 Robotic Pool Cleaner accessories. There are numerous automatic pool cleaners available in the market, which allows the pool owner to work without any stress. The Dolphin Oasis Z5 pool cleaner can be an excellent choice of yours is looking for a pool cleaner. The features and specifications of this pool cleaner are up to the mark. A variety of pool cleaners available in the market can confuse a user, and the user operates manual pool cleaners, and automated pool cleaners clean allows the user to do less work without any supervision.


DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i WiFi Operated Robotic Pool [Vacuum} Cleaner -
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DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i WiFi Operated Robotic Pool [Vacuum} Cleaner -......
  • Dolphin does all the hard work for you! With the Oasis Z5i robotic pool vacuum cleaner, your pool will be left exceptionally clean in just 2.5 hours....
  • Built to deliver a deep clean. The Oasis Z5i is extremely powerful when it comes to scrubbing your pool’s floor, walls, and waterline. Paired with...
  • Pool cleaning has never been easier. This Always Connected cleaner allows you to schedule weekly cleanings and spot clean from the palm of your hand...

Dolphin Oasis Z5 is one of the most potent robotic pool cleaners. This cleaner can quickly become a friend that you wish you had formed a bond with sooner in life. Currently, we all are living in a space where we love convenience, most of us are using a dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer at home. In this regard, it is quite challenging to work with a manual pool cleaner.

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 is here for you, and this pool cleaner is a simple tool that cleans swimming pools without much effort.

This pool cleaner works tremendously, when it comes to cleaning the grubby, dirty pool. Robotic pool cleaners are quite popular nowadays, and their sales continue to increase at a rapid rate.

We are here to facilitate our users to provide a brief review of Dolphin Oasis Z5. We will try to cover much more than just this pool cleaner. Hopefully, our information and research will help you in choosing the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool.

  • Easy, Fast, Efficient Cleaning
  • Split brushes
  • Clever Clean Scanning
  • Anti-tangle swivel
  • Remote control available
  • Includes Caddy Cart
  • Three years of warranty
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

What is Dolphin Oasis Z5i offering?

The Dolphine Oasis Z5i is providing excellent services around the world. Here are the essential things Dolphin Oasis Z5i is offering to its clients are mentioned below. Please have a look.

Intelligent Clean Scanning Along with Dual Drive Motor

An intelligent and clean scanning option available in this pool cleaner along with dual drive motor enables it to turn into a 360 degree for excellent and optimum pool coverage. This pool cleaner is equipped with a microprocessor that allows the filter to survey the entire pool, through this technology this pool cleaner access the most efficient route so that every inch and side of a swimming pool can clean. The best part of this pool cleaner is that intelligent, clean technology allows it not to clean the same area twice.

Power Cable with Anti-Tangle Swivel

It is a fact that people hate tangled cords, no matter what kind of robotic cleaner they may have, it is quite irritating to deal with tangled wires and cables. Such cords can affect the performance of a robotic pool cleaner as well, but along with Dolphin Oasis Z5, the user can have a sigh of relief in this regard. This pool cleaner has an anti-tangling swivel cable that enables the robot to transport freely without any interference. This means the user can drop this pool cleaner into a swimming pool and leave it alone without any worries. The most significant part of this anti-tangle swivel is that these cables are durable, it’s less likely to get damaged. The Dolphin Oasis Z5 has a 60-foot floating power cable that is plugged into its power supply. This cable length is long enough for inground pool sizes up to 50 feet.

Extra Large Top Load Cartridge Filters

There is an ultra-fine cartridge filter present in this pool cleaner. Through a combined robust suction rate, it permits the robot to trap leaves and fine debris while also circulating the water. Apart from that, there is a top opening filtration compartment available, which makes it easy and convenient to replace filters and maintain a healthy pool cleaner. High loading cartridge filter available in this pool cleaner looks similar to the system found on the Nautilus CC Plus. It is easy to reach and manage the top access filters than bottom access filters. There are two sets of filter cartridges that are included in the box. Two spring net filters are used for removing leaves and debris from the pool.

Along with the two ultra-fine filter cartridges, it is easy to pick up the small stuff like sand and algae. The filter cartridges are lighter and easier to clean than filter bags. The internal pump motor provides vacuum power as well.
Spot Clean and Split Brushes

The spot cleaning option present in Dolphin Oasis Z5 robotic pool cleaner is very convenient to operate. This option comes with an app that enables the user to control the filter through their smartphone through Bluetooth without using a remote control.

There are two rubber tracks available in Oasis, which are powered by DC motors. The trails provide better traction than wheels. The DC motors available in this pool cleaner can rotate the split brushes. These brushes help in cleaning algae from the floor and walls. The track drive combined with the split brush system allows this pool robot to turn like a tank.

Drop and Proceed

It is very convenient for the user to use Dolphin Oasis Z5, as they only need to put the robotic pool cleaner into their pool, and then press a single button. Furthermore, the user can set Dolphin’s weekly scheduler to automatically clean their swimming pool according to their desired time and day.

Excellent Duty Clean

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 pool cleaner can clean the walls of the swimming pool, the waterline, and the floor of the pool all at once. Along with its powerful scrubbing brushes, this robotic pool cleaner works exceptionally. These scrubbing brushes are designed to clean specially mentioned spaces with immense ease. These brushes forcefully attack stubborn dirt, algae, and debris, leaving your pool crystal clear.

Power Supply

The power unit available in this pool cleaner is small and easy to carry. Users can plug into a standard 110-volt outlet. Unfortunately, there is no options or display on the power supply, and the user has to use the remote control to start the cleaning cycle.


The Dolphin Oasis Z5 is a bit expensive pool cleaner, but the happy part is that there is a caddy cart, and remote control are included in the package. It is easy to move this pool cleaner along with this two-wheeled caddy. The user needs to handle the caddy with care. It is mostly available in plastic and might break if handled roughly.

Remote Control

Through remote control, it is easy to select options according to your choice, either a quick cleaning cycle or a full cleaning cycle. The manual directional controls might be useful for directing the pool robot to a dirty spot.
Performance & Functions

The Clever Clean navigation system present in Dolphin Oasis Z5 can actively scan the area, mapping the pool’s shape, and calculate the fastest route for an efficient clean. The Cleve Clean technology allows the cleaner to detect and recognize drains apart from possible underwater obstacles. Sixty feet long cable guaranteeing that the unit is perfect for pools that reach even 50’ in length. Also, due to the swivel ability, it will remain untangled throughout the operation.

There are two cleaning modes available in this pool cleaner so that the user can personalize the cleaning procedure according to their convenience. The fast method is the one that lasts 1.5 hours but cares only for the floor. The standard one which expands the cleaning area to the walls and waterline in 2.5 hours. Therefore, it depends on how dirty the pool is, along with just a push of a button user can easily switch between them. In case the user feels that the cleaner missed a spot, the remote control allows them to manually move the unit precisely to the core of the problem.


Dolphin Oasis Z5 Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the most popular pool cleaners. This pool cleaner comes with an advanced function remote; most of the users consider this pool cleaner as it makes their life more comfortable. Along with this pool cleaner, it is easy for the user to sit and enjoy the cleaning process of their swimming pool. With this pool cleaner, it is convenient for a swimming pool owner to make more time for other activities. Most of the people loving this pool cleaner all around the world, as it requires little maintenance. If you are considering this pool cleaner for your swimming pool, we assure you that you will enjoy the clean and hygienic water without any concerns.

The modular design of this pool cleaner is unique, but a few parts of this pool cleaner may require your attention. The brushes might get worn out with time, the bristles shortening in direct proportion to how often you use the device. All the parts of this pool cleaner can be replaced easily, in case of any disturbance, that is why there’s no need to worry. However, the cartridges require frequent cleaning, with a recommendation of a thorough rinse after every utilization to prevent bacteria from taking over them. This pool cleaner is providing three years warranty as the manufacturer gives special attention to each unit and its performance. The customer support facility is available in case the user needs minor assistance.

The Oasis Z5 pool cleaner has all the advanced features you might expect in a residential robotic pool cleaner in this high price range. We hope that the above-mentioned information will help you in choosing the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool. People prefer this pool cleaner around the globe due to its efficient performance and secure cleaning options. It is a bit expensive and bulky but worth buying as you can easily replace any of its troubled gadgets. If you are looking for a pool cleaner for a lifetime, this can be an excellent choice of yours.

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