Absolute Temperature for Residential Swimming Pool

Are you looking for the right temperature for a Swimming Pool?

If you are interested in making an indoor or outside swimming pool, it is essential for you to must know the right temperature for your swimming pool.

Generally, most people prefer residential swimming pools to enjoy getting to gathers with their friends and family. If you are considering an indoor pool, the feasible temperature should be between 78°F. Outdoor swimming pools may require 82°F. It is suggested that the water temperature should not be higher than 82°F.

What is the best, ideal temperature for a swimming pool?

There is enough research available in the swimming pool field, but it is still difficult to assess the accurate or exact temperature of a pool. As the ideal temperature of a swimming pool may depend on the climate or the weather of a native’s country or city.

However, the general idea is that the swimming pool temperature should be between 77 to 82-degree Fahrenheit. According to the U.S. Masters Swimming’s rule book, there is particular precaution required for the swimming pool. It is hard to tell you the accurate temperature for a swimming pool as it may vary, as water and air temperatures are alike, and they may change according to the atmospheric conditions. When it comes to healthy water activities or competition, it is suggested that the swimming pool water temperature should remain 80ºF.

Why is Perfect Water Temperatures for Healthy Hobbies?

Those who love swimming usually indulge in other healthy activates, such as Olympic swimming, Beach ball race, Coin dive, and race for ping pong. These swimming competitions can be minacious if the water temperature is not right. If the water is too hot or freezing, it may be difficult for you to enjoy, as the water tends to own your body’s natural heat.

Through this, the swimmer may face muscle contraction. The reason behind preferring warm water is that it allows the swimmer to perform well, without disturbing their physical body. Water, according to the climate, matters a lot. Luke warm water generates less friction, especially during any competition. The density of warm water is relatively less, that is why swimmers may enjoy swimming, as it increases their speed and chance to win.

Ideal Pool Temperature Table

Competitive swimming and fitness swimming, training80°C
Leisure waters80°C
Recreational swimming, adult29°C
Children’s teaching31°C
For Babies85°C

What if the Water Temperature is chilled?

According to the research, water temperature from 72-77º is considered to be chilled. Coldwater, which is below 70º, may wick swimmers’ body temperature. In this regard, if a swimmer swims in this water, they may witness hypothermia.

The symptoms of hypothermia can be sleepiness, confusion, or loss of coordination. When it comes to swimming in chilled water, the human body needs to fight with the temperature, causing constriction of the blood veins. The human body won’t tend to bear cold water below 70º; that is why it is a natural response that the body aims to keep you warm through internal organs.

Swimming Pool Water Temperatures for Leisure Time?

Most people who are using a swimming pool at home for their leisure activities prefer pool temperature between 77-82ºF. Users can lower the temperature of their swimming pool below 80º if they desire. Usually, in summers, people choose temperature below 80º. But this temperature can be suitable for adults but not for babies.

Children’s body temperature is relatively less due to their size, compared to the adults, which is why they lose heat or the body temperature faster.

The swimming pool temperature below 78ºF may not goes with the children or babies. This temperature can be refreshing for teenagers of adults, but not for a more extended period of time. For children, it is suggested that the water temperature should remain high between 85-86ºF.


We hope that the information mentioned above regarding the swimming pool water temperature will help you choose the right temperature for your swimming pool so that you can enjoy your quality time with friends and family members.

There are numerous heaters available in the market. You can use some extra accessories to make yourself comfortable in the pool. We suggest you always consider professionals when it comes to the fitting of your swimming pool.

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